Steadicam & Cinematography



Jedrzej Zator Showreel 2018

Tor Modlin



I have many years experience in working on various movie sets. From short forms and documentaries, through commercials and music videos, to web series and features movies.

Because I’m considering self development as a most important factor in my career,
I became a Steadicam Operator along with getting prestigious international license TIFFEN COMPANY (silver level).

I tend to look for innovative solutions, not only when it comes to technical matters, such as perspective, but also while exploring metaphorical means of expression focused on creating rich visual narrative.
For me, the essence of a film comes from its ability to interact with the viewer.
I like to explore emotions that normally go unnoticed and highlight them in a way that leads to their better recognition and understanding
I’ve grown to be fascinated by time and motion and it has led me to become a Steadicam Operator.

Tiffen Steadicam Operator (Silver Level Certification)

Certification recived after Tiffen Workshops for the position of worldwide licensed steadicam oparator. London, 2018.




    • Complementary Film Production:
  • feature movies,
  • short festival movies,
  • commercials,
  • music videos,
  • photo sessions,
  • web series.
2013 - 2019


  • Tiffen Silver Steadicam Workshops, London 16 March 2018.
  • Camera and Light Workshop with Arkadiusz Tomiak,
    DOP/ Camera Operator.
  • Film Spring Open Workshop with Sławomir Idziak, supervision, Cracow 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Workshops in Centre of Audiovisual Technology
Wrocław, Poland:

  • “Light in Movie” with Andrzej Gier.
  • ”Sound in Movie” with Szymon Straburzyński.
  • „Basics in Adobe After Effects” with Paweł Białowąs.
  • Scriptwriting and producing workshops with Andrzej Krakowski.
  • Scriptwriting with Agnieszka Kruk.
2015 - 2018

Data Wrangler and Editor

  • Camera Nera
    Wrocław, Poland
2015 - 2016

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