Dr Marwan Saifi Hair Transplant

Christopher Maloney’s Hair Transplant Surgical Procedure – Dr Marwan Saifi, MD FISHRS
client: Dr Marwan Saifi, AM-MED
1st camera operator: Jędrzej Zator
2nd camera operator: Tarniu
sound: Radek Łabędzki
edit: Tarniu, Jędrzej Zator
color correction & grading: Tarniu, Jędrzej Zator
thanks to Paweł Frankiewicz
official description:
The well-known singer and X-Factor winner, Christopher Maloney, had a long search for a quality hair transplant clinic and a qualified doctor with experience . He needed to repair an unsuccessful 2 hair transplantation procedures done in another clinic. Chris finally found Dr. Marwan Saifi at AM-MED the American Hair Transplant Center in Wroclaw, Poland.
A successful FUE procedure was performed by Dr. Saifi and his team to repair and refine Christopher’s hairline, temples and also a repair of a wide scar from his previous surgeries.